Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima) In Austin

Develop essential blunt and blade weaponry skills in our Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima) Classes. Your instruction is focused on developing you into a skilled Eskrimador, competent to handle (and help defend against/disarm) blunt and blade weapons, such as the baston (club, single or in pairs) and the daga (hand knife). Every structured class includes group and one-on-one coaching, partner drills, environmental training (using/defending against weapons while standing, kneeling, and on the ground…in closed confines), mindset/strategy development (use of footwork, rhythm, feints, and attacking ranges), and sparring. Skills learned may be applied using modern-day implements, besides sticks and hand knives, as well. While training with classmates, you will improve your skills and readiness/coordination with weaponry, in a challenging, yet safe environment.

Example Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima) Lessons You Can Learn