MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) In Austin

Learn how to fight and get in terrific shape, by training functional fighting skills in our MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Classes. Your MMA instruction is embedded into the three primary curriculum classes you can train at IFA. Master “dirty boxing” and takedowns from the clinch in our striking class. Understand how to use your striking to set up your wrestling, and positional grappling to strike in our grappling class. Discover how to utilize range, clinch-work and wrestling, to help deal with modern-day weaponry in our Filipino Martial Arts class. By embedding your training in these classes, you not only develop solid fundamentals in all aspects of MMA fighting and self-defense, you can also properly blend them together, in the proper context and situations. We train you not only for the cage or ring (which our students have gone on to have success in), but also for self-defense in the real-world.

Example MMA Lessons You Can Learn

Using Pivot Footwork After Combination To Stop Opponent’s Counterattack

In this video, Associate Instructor Chris Carlton demonstrates how to utilize pivot footwork, to reset your attack angle, so you may connect more power punches after an opponent has squared up with you and is ready to counterattack. A Jab-Jab-Cross-Pivot-Cross combination is used to illustrate this concept.

Defense, Control & Counter-Attack Options From Plomb Position (Part II)

In this video, Chief Instructor Frank Benn helps dispel some misconceptions about fighting “in the clinch”, while demonstrating a framework to put your opponent at a disadvantage in the clinch, giving you opportunities to strike and takedown your opponent.