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Bernie D.'s Review Bernie D.
5 Stars

I have always wanted to find a place to learn self-defense techniques and fighting skills. I would recommend IFA to beginners like me and advanced...

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John J.'s Review John J.
5 Stars

I can't tell you what your experiences at IFA will be like; all I can tell you is how my journey has been so far.

It was a Wednesday night last year around...

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Andrew S.'s Review Andrew S.
5 Stars


**NOTE: This is actually a FIVE STAR review disguised as a three star because this site is weird about...

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IFA and Frank Benn are incredible. Unfortunately I moved away from Austin, Texas in 2002 and was unable to continue my training with Frank. I have lived in 2 other states and and checked out numerous other schools since then. The instruction and students at IFA are second to none.

Frank is never without a solid answer to any question, and his students are friendly and helpful. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone! If you live in the Austin area and are interested in MMA, you are very lucky to have access to a great facility and a world class instructor. If you don’t believe me, shop around first then check out IFA!

– Brett Van Voorhees

I have been training with Frank Benn for 2 years. Frank can instruct people like myself, with no background in fighting, wrestling, etc. and takes the time to break down each step so that the technique is learned and executed correctly. He’s always willing to help and the way he teaches us to string techniques together really helps on the mat.

The people at IFA are a great, fun, hard-working group. I recommend IFA Academy to anyone who really wants to learn how to fight and isn’t afraid to sweat. My favorite Frank Benn saying is, ‘Forget about self defense – a good defense is a mean offense. You should always be attacking. It’s all about you giving and them receiving. Give, give, give, give, give!’ I’m naturally a giver.

– Jeanna Carroll

I joined an informal class through the University of Texas about 4 years ago. It was a 6-week introductory class in Filipino Martial Arts taught by Frank Benn. From the beginning, I was very impressed with Frank’s leadership, knowledge, teaching style and, in general, his approach to Martial Arts. I decided to join the academy (with my 12-year old son) full time after the informal class was over because I was very motivated to learn the fundamentals of a fight.

Frank has combined three curricula (weapons: baston and knife, stand-up: kickboxing, and ground: Jiu-Jitsu) into a very effective Integrated Art that gets to the core techniques and strategy needed in a real fight. I like the fact that Frank’s program is very disciplined and drives high standards from all the students and assistant instructors: the perfect ingredients to push and motivate!

– Carlos Gutierrez

Frank is the most dedicated instructor I have ever met. I have trained with numerous instructors, coaches, and martial artists throughout the years, and Frank is outstanding in his commitment, fighting skills, and teaching proficiency.

Frank Benn’s IFA Academy is certainly an exceptional school that’s overlooked in Texas due to the lack of celebratory ties to famous martial artists from exotic countries. But its values are in its humble attitude and good’ol work ethics. So if you’re seeking to learn from an excellent instructor with great association in a professional environment come check it out.

– Jessica Chouy

There’s a strong sense of community at IFA. Everyone is there, not only to pursue their own interests, but to support others and help them grow as well. Frank is an encyclopedia of martial arts knowledge, and he is deeply passionate about what he does. He is also very supportive of women in martial arts, expecting just as much out of them as the men, which is empowering and appreciated.

– Pam Willis

In my ten years of training with Frank Benn, I have never seen any other class that offers what IFA has. Frank’s decades of experience and endless search for what is truly effective in a real-world fighting situations make him quite simply the best teacher in Austin, if not in all of Texas or more. His deep concern for and commitment to his students are reflected in the positive and helpful attitude of everyone else in the class, so that everyone from beginner to advanced learns to the best of his abilities. Put simply: if you want to learn to fight, come see Frank Benn at IFA. You won’t find a better teacher at any price.

– Bruce Ryder

I’ve been a student for about 3 years. During that time trained in grappling and boxing. The instruction at IFA is excellent. The atmosphere is friendly, yet serious. Everyone tries to help everyone else improve. I’m confident that what I have learned has practical applications in the real world.

If you want to learn how to defend yourself, have fun, and stay in shape, IFA is the place for you.

– Anil Bhandari

I’ve trained in various martial arts for 16 years and I have seen knowledgeable martial artists. But I have yet to see one like Frank who not only has a very advanced understanding of what he teaches, but also has the ability to articulate and communicate it to others regardless of their level. To top that off, he is generous and willing to share that knowledge. High level of skill, ability to teach it, and generosity all in one package is rare.

– Brian Rogers

As a fighter, a teacher, and a human being Frank Benn is a man to look up to. Literally, as he stands nearly a head taller than anyone in the room. To a great man and the best Jujitzu instructor I have ever known.

– Joseph Carter, Belo Horizonte, Brazil